Day 286: Pedalers’ Picnic and KFC Yum Center

16 10 2010
This afternoon Carrick and I rode over to Shelby Park to check out the Pedalers’ Picnic. When we got there around 12:30, both tennis courts were occupied with bike polo players. We didn’t see the bike blender races, but we may have missed it. Still, it was fun watching the bike polo. Those people are way more coordinated than I’ll ever be. Overall, it was a fun event that seemed to draw a good-size crowd, so it was nice to see people outside having a good time on a beautiful fall day.

Bike polo

Crowd at picnic

Fall color

After hanging out at the picnic for a bit, we rode downtown to explore the new KFC Yum Center, the new University of Louisville basketball arena that just opened this month. Specifically, I wanted to see if there are bike racks for bike parking. We have concert tickets to an event there coming in March, but we’ve not seen the arena yet since it opened.

Front view from Main Street

I didn’t see any bike racks in the front of the building. We rode down the side street to check it out. Nope – no bike racks there either.

Side view (no bike racks)

Hmmm. They must be in the back side of the property, right? Nope. None there either. Although this light pole seemed to serve that purpose for this person’s bike:

Bike parking!

We made our way up the 2nd Street side. Ah ha! Bike racks! How many, you ask? 10. Yep, that’s right. A $238 million facility that houses more than 721,000 square feet and they only include 10 bike racks. Seriously?

Bike racks outside arena.

Obviously not a bike rack, but I thought it would make a neat photo.

Several cyclists rode by in the few minutes I was taking photos.

Now I realize the large majority of people who will be attending events at the arena will be in cars. But as much of a nightmare as I expect traffic to be in that (already horribly congested) area, we don’t plan to drive to any events there. I can’t imagine we’re the only two people in town who plan to ride their bikes to the arena, but I was surprised to find such a small number of bike racks. Disclaimer: we didn’t ride through the parking garage, so perhaps there are additional racks inside the garage, but we didn’t see any just inside the entrance as we rode by. I hope extra bike racks will be installed along the property in the future. In the five minutes or so that we were standing under the bridge taking photos, we spotted about 9 cyclists riding by. It is an impressive building. And the improvements done by the city along 2nd Street really does make that area look much better. I look forward to seeing the inside of the arena in March during the concert.

Before heading home, we stopped for lunch at DeVino’s downtown. A nice sandwich place on Main Street. Very friendly employees, good food and good prices. We enjoyed sitting outside watching traffic go by as we ate our sandwiches. Louisville really is a great town.

DeVino's menu

Bikes taking a break.

Today’s food journal:

— Whole wheat english muffin = 2 points
— Peanut butter = 2 points

— Turkey sandwich on whole wheat = 6 points (est.)
— Diet Coke = 0 points

— Chili (at a friend’s dinner party) = 9 points (est.)

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

…( ) / ( )

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2 responses

16 10 2010
Dave in KY

Oh Noes! Looks like you never made it over to the picnic proper, which was in the center of the park in the shelter. You clearly found the Bluegrass Boondoggle polo tournament, though.

17 10 2010
Alice - cyclingproject365

That sucks we missed the other stuff. We’ll just have to give it a shot again next year. Still, it was a fun event!

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