Day 312: Oldham County driver charged with wanton endangerment for targeting cyclists

11 11 2010

According to WLKY news, the Oldham County driver who was targeting cyclists a couple months ago, has been charged with second-degree wanton endangerment related to an incident where a cyclist was run off the road. Twenty-two year old Robert James Wagner confessed in a written statement. Wagner has not been arrested, but police are now asking anyone with any information or who had a similar experience with a red 2003 Dodge pickup truck to contact Oldham County police Officer Shane Mosley at (502) 222-0111.

All this sounds like good news for the cycling community, however a report by Fox41 TV says that Wagner and his parents are claiming police have the wrong man. (Video is available here.) Police say there could be more than one suspect with the same type of truck, but they won’t say how many. Fox41 visited the Wagner family’s farm and were allowed to film his truck. Wagner claims his truck is different from the truck described by witnesses:

  • his tailgate is not dented as reported by witnesses – [seems like that could have been fixed in the past 2 months]
  • no one mentioned the yellow tow loops on the front of the truck – [couldn’t those have been recently added?]
  • he claims during the times of the alleged incidents, his truck was covered with large “Wagner Power Diesel” decals (which no witnesses have mentioned);
  • Wagner’s physical description (6’4″ with red hair) doesn’t match the description people have given to the police.

Fortunately, I’ve not been on the receiving end of the driver in question, so I’m not sure if police have the right man or not. If there are additional suspects involved in these cases, I can only hope they are arrested before someone is injured or killed. If you or someone you know has additional information, contact Oldham County police Officer Shane Mosley at (502) 222-0111.

Today’s food journal:

— Whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter = 3 points

— 1/2 turkey sandwich on whole wheat = 2 points
— salad with ranch dressing = 5.5 points

— Multigrain Sun Chips = 4 points

— Baked potato = 2.5 points
— 1 cup black eyed peas = 3.5 points

— Skinny Cow ice cream bar = 2 points

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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