Day 318: Park Tool School – Day 4 of 4

17 11 2010

Tonight was the last of the four Park Tool School classes we took at Bluegrass Bicycle. (Summaries of the previous three classes are available here, here and here.) For the final class tonight we discussed brake systems:

  • Types of caliper brakes: rotors; hydraulic brakes; linear V-brakes; disc brakes (how they work and the different brands, such as Shimano, Tektro and Hayes)
  • Caliper rim brake systems: brake levers; cable systems and cable housing; brake pads and alignment; and brake pad toeing.

Much like the “ah-ha” moment I had Monday night when replacing the shifter cable, tonight I realized how simple it is to replace brake cables. Before tonight, I was never quite sure how the brake cables were repaired or replaced (and was a bit intimidated by them). Now I know they’re actually pretty easy to do. I cut the rear brake cable on my bike and within just a few minutes had removed the old cable and installed the new one and I’m ready to roll. Or stop, as the case may be.

We’re really glad we took the class. Tom at Bluegrass Bicycle was a great instructor and our “classmates” were all very nice. Now I feel much more comfortable about working on our bikes. If you want to learn basic (but very detailed) repairs and maintenance, I highly recommend the Park Tool School. It’s definitely money well spent.

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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18 11 2010
Tom Armstrong

Thanks for coming to the class, Alice! It was good to see you and Carrick, and especially good to see you when you got that “Ah-HAH!” moment.

Thanks for the kind words here, as well. “Y’all’s good folks!”

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