Day 330: Raleigh Pursuit 502 conversion

29 11 2010

The project from Hell is about to begin! Now that we’ve recently completed the Park Tool School bike maintenance and repair class (which I talked about here), we’re excited about trying to rebuild Carrick’s old 12-speed Raleigh Pursuit 502 Chrome Moly she had in high school. We have no idea what size the frame is, nor what model year it is. (I think it’s a 1987, but I plan to dig around on the web for more information once I get the bike on the workstand to find more identifying information.) For the past year or two, she’s wanted to have the bike converted to a single-speed (or a fixed-speed — we’re not sure which yet.) Since the bike is sitting in the shed collecting dust and rust, we figured we can’t really screw it up too badly, so why not try, right?


Carrick's Raleigh Pursuit 502

Rusty chain, cassette and derailleur.

Rusty spokes, brake. I think we're going to have our work cut out for us.

Shifters and headset.

We talked with our Tom, the Park Tool instructor at Bluegrass Bicycle about the plan for our project. He helped us choose a starter Tool Kit, which he said should include the essentials of what we would need to get started. He also suggested a cable cutter and a bottom bracket tool, so we added those also. Here’s what’s in the toolbox:

  • Wrench set (2mm to 6mm)
  • Chain tool
  • Cassette lockring remover
  • Double ended cone wrenches (13mm to 18mm)
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 3mm flathead screwdriver
  • Pedal wrench
  • Three-way spoke wrench
  • GearClean brush
  • Chain whip
  • Patch kit
  • Hex wrench
  • Tire levers

Park Tool SK-1

Now we’re set with the tools, the bike and hopefully the knowledge to get started on what we hope will be a fun project to work on during the cold, dreary winter months. I’ll post updates as we make progress.

Today’s food journal:

— Strawberry, banana, peach smoothie = 5.5 points

— Grilled cheese sandwich on whole wheat = 7.5 points
— Iced tea = 0 points

— Soft pretzel = 10 points
— Iced tea = 0 points

— Skinny Cow ice cream = 2 points

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

…( ) / ( )

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2 responses

5 04 2012

Hi there,

Did you finish the rebuild???

I’m working on the very same bike at the moment. Have stripped it all completely and got rid of all the rust!! Took me ages an had to use a wire brush angle grinder bit for some of it (there was a fair amount of rust).

just deciding which colour to repaint it just now. I really like the blue of your bike though. Could be a plan.

Anyways, maybe you’ve posted finished pics on here, If you could redirect me that would be great.


4 05 2012
Alice - cyclingproject365

Hi Ross,
My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I’m embarassed to admit that I’ve completely negleted my blog. I had intended to post weekly but life gets in the way and I’ve not made time to keep things current. I plan to get back to things soon.

We’ve not yet started to rebuild the Raleigh. That’s great you have the same bike. We plan to strip all the parts soon, then take the frame to get painted (still deciding on a good color). Then assuming we can figure out how to reassemble everything, we’ll rebuild it. It’s been a while since we took the bike maintenance class, but hopefully by using the book, we can figure things out again.

I’ll post photos once we complete the work. Keep me posted how your rebuild goes too!

Take care and thanks for visiting.


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