Day 332: Ugh…

1 12 2010

Maybe riding in the cold, rainy weather late last week wasn’t such a good idea. As of late last night, I have a raging head cold: body aches, fatigue, laryngitis, headache, itchy eyes. Yuck. Actually, I’ve heard being outside in inclement weather doesn’t really have anything to do with catching a cold, but I have to blame it on something, right? It was all I could do to drag my butt off the couch to type this. Carrick took good care of me before she left for work this morning: she walked the dog, then went to the store and got chicken noodle soup, crackers, OJ and ginger ale. She’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, I’m heading back to bed. I’ll be back tomorrow.




One response

1 12 2010

I find that riding in cold wet conditions does little to affect whether I have a cold. There have been several going around of late. “Doctor Tom” prescribes lots of Vitamin D, C, and B-complex, Zinc, fluids, and Mucinex DM.

When that bug got into my system a week or two back, I found it limited to about four days of unpleasantness. Without the Mucinex and Zinc stuff, it could have been longer.

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