Day 338: Exploring the city by bike

7 12 2010

I’ve noticed lately that most of the time when I head out for a bike ride, I tend to ride in the same areas. There are several routes I enjoy for various reasons. Some have less traffic. Some are longer routes which have more sight-seeing and photography options. Some have hills. Some are flat, but have more traffic (good for raising the heart rate a little). When Carrick and I go on a ride together, we tend to do more exploring, heading off in a random direction to “see what’s there.” Last night, Carrick had a good idea. She suggested I get our bike map and highlight the streets we’ve ridden together on our numerous rides to see where we’ve been. Here’s what it looks like:

Our rides mapped out.

Our most common route of course is from our neighborhood to downtown. We’ve been out to Shawnee Park, Iroquois Park and Waterfront Park many times and this summer we rode the entire Louisville Loop (the 25 or so miles that are finished anyway. From home and back that day ended up being around 52 miles, I think). We need to explore some of the other parks. Obviously, we haven’t spent much time riding out to the east end or the southwest end of town — mainly because we aren’t that familiar with those parts of town and we’re unsure of good routes to get us out to those areas from our neighborhood. It looks like we need to do some research and see if we can’t remedy that.

Bicycling is a great way to explore the city and see sights (and photo opportunities!) that we probably wouldn’t have noticed when we whiz by at 30+ mph in the car. And by the looks of it, we’ve got a LOT more to explore. I’m even looking forward to getting out my mountain bike after it snows and continue exploring. I don’t normally ride in the snow, but I think it’s time I give it a try.

Do you have favorite routes that you ride regularly? If so, what makes them favorites?

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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7 12 2010

I have commute routes that I frequent, but when I ride to explore, I just ride. I’m fortunate, in some respects, that various jobs have forced me to learn my way around town (and parts of Oldham County).

There used to be a Club ride called The Emerald Necklace, designed to highlight the Olmstead Parks (and the parkways that link them). I have a version of it somewhere on an old hard drive, as modified for a recumbent rally I hosted eight or ten years ago. I’ll see if I can find it for you. It’s somewhere in the 45-50 mile range, but aside from a few bumps in the road near Iroquois Park, is fairly flat.

7 12 2010
Alice - cyclingproject365

That sounds like a great route, Tom. If you do run across it let me know. It definitely sounds like one worth checking out! Thanks!

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