Day 341: Alice’s favorite things

10 12 2010

When Oprah recently gave every member of her studio audience over $37,000 worth of her “Favorite Things,” it got me thinking. Hang on, don’t get excited … I can’t afford to give all my readers (all five of you) my favorite cycling things, but I did want to list my favorite cycling-related items (in no particular order) that I’ve purchased this year.

  • Clipless pedals and SPD shoes – I couldn’t be happier with the pedals and shoes. The thought of being clipped in to my pedals was rather intimidating at first, but after just a few minutes with them, I realized why so many people recommend them. Definitely a good purchase.
  • Sufferfest videos – The $9.99 download price of these videos is a more than reasonable price for an hour-long kick-your-@$$ workout. I’ve never particularly enjoyed using the indoor bike trainer, but the Sufferfest is a whole new experience. So far, I’ve purchased the Downward Spiral and Angels. Excellent!
  • RoadID – Several friends told me about the RoadID bracelets. The interactive version that I bought enable me to include my full medical history, allergies, emergency contact information and any other important information in a secure, private page on the RoadID website. It’s something I hope to never actually need, but if I’m unable to speak for myself, emergency responders will be able to access all my necessary information by using the PIN number and ID code engraved on the bracelet.
  • Madonna Del Ghisallo medallion (photo available here) – I’m not a religious person, but I do tend to be superstitious. According to, “legend has it that in mediaeval times, a local count was being attacked by bandits when he saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary, and running towards this vision saved him. Thus, the Madonna del Ghisallo became the patroness of travellers. Then, in 1949 a local priest managed to persuade Pope Pius XII to admit her as the patroness of cyclists.” My medallion is affixed to the stem on my bike. Carrick’s is on her seatpost. A little something to hopefully keep me safe can’t hurt.
  • Park Tool School – I won’t repeat all the details here, but during the Park Tool School we learned how to do maintenance and repairs on just about every part of a bicycle. If you’ve never taken the classes, I highly recommend them.

I’m saving up to buy a Garmin Edge 500 Bundle and a Contour HD helmet camera this next year, but I can’t decide which one to buy first. What are your favorite cycling-related items you’ve bought this year?

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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2 responses

11 12 2010
Tom Armstrong

Great list, Alice! Congrats on the move to clipless pedals! I’ve been riding one pair since spring of 1994, and all the bikes in the garage have similar pedals now. I keep meaning to order RoadID bracelets, and keep procrastinating. I’ll have to get those going soon.

And special thanks for putting that last item on your favorites list!

11 12 2010
Alice - cyclingproject365

Thanks, Tom! Yeah, I love the clipless pedals. As soon as I got them I wondered why I’d waited so long. The RoadIDs are good too. Totally worth it, I think.

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