Day 345: Back to physical therapy again

14 12 2010

It’s hell getting old. During a routine check-up at the doctor today I mentioned I was having  pain and stiffness in my shoulder again. The same shoulder I had physical therapy on earlier this year. The doc said the problem is still from the biceps tendonitis/rotator cuff impingement that was causing the pain last time. I’m sure landing on that shoulder during a fall when walking the dog a couple months ago didn’t help either. (Damn those sidewalk cracks. And my clumsiness.)

Thursday I start PT again. Great. I’m not sure what I’m deading more: the pain of the PT sessions or the therapist fussing at me for not doing my prescribed stretches and strengthing exercises. And it’s not like I have a great reason for not doing the exercises. I guess I just get busy with other things and forget to do them.

At least I’ll be doing the PT now during the cold weather when I’m not riding much anyway. Hopefully I’ll be good as new in no time.

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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