Day 354: Under-$25 gifts for cyclists

23 12 2010

In case you’ve procrastinated too long and you’re trying to find reasonably-priced gifts for that cyclist in your life,’s list of Best Gifts Under $25 (for cyclists) might help. Of course, most of these items would probably need to be ordered online, so you may still be out of luck.

These are some of the under-$25 items I’ve purchased this year that I think would make great last-minute gift ideas:

What are some of your favorite cycling items for under $25?

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride!

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2 responses

23 12 2010
Tom Armstrong

I’m big on “be seen” lights, and most of them are $25 or less.

Fresh handlebar tape for a drop-bar bike (like your blue Trek) is usually $15-20. Fresh grips for a mountain bike or hybrid are often $15 or less.

Whose bike wouldn’t love a fresh bottle of chain lube? $10!

There are great helmet mirrors (made by Buddy Mattingly here in town) for $25-30, depending on where you get them.

28 12 2010
Alice - cyclingproject365

Good tips, Tom! Thanks! I forgot about handlebar tape, lube, lights and mirrors. Good stuff and always easy to find.

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