Rides wish list


It seems that every day I hear about a bike ride I want to do. Some are charity rides, some are long-distance tours and some are local rides that I would like to check out. Some are short distances while others are century rides or multi-day tours. I may not be in good enough physical shape right now to do them all, but my goal is to complete each event at some point soon.      

I created this page as an easy way for me to keep track of the events and to check them off as each one is completed. I’ll be adding to this list periodically, so check back for updates. If you know of any fun rides in the Kentucky or Indiana areas that are not listed here, please drop me an email. I’m always looking for more rides.      

— April: Redbud Ride (London, KY)
Multiple-route options include:
23.5 miles
39.9 miles
72.9 miles
104.5 miles      

April: Harmonie 100 (New Harmony, IN) 

— May: Team Fatty’s 100 Miles to Nowhere 

— May: Tour de Cure
Multiple route options or 20, 40 or 60 miles. 

— May: Horsey Hundred (Georgetown, KY)
Saturday route options include 26, 35, 53, 75, and the traditional Horsey Hundred.
Sunday routes provide a choice of a 34 mile loop, a 50 miler through Paris or a 70-miler through the heart of the Bluegrass.      

— May: Mayor’s Hike & Bike – local bi-annual event with a route of approximately 17 miles.      

— June: MS150
Multiple route options:
25 miles, 60 miles, 75 miles and 100-mile (Day One) 
25 miles, 50 miles and 75 miles (Day Two).      

July: Round Barn Bike Tour
Multiple route options: 33, 68 and 80+ miles. 

August: Amishland and Lakes Tour (Howe, IN)
Multiple route options: 25-100 miles (Saturday); 30 or 52 miles on Sunday. 

September: Hope Ride (Hope, IN)
Multiple mileage options: 13, 25, 32, 50, 64 and 100 miles. 

— September: Old Kentucky Home Tour
Multiple route options:
50 miles, 72 miles and 102 miles (Day One)
25 miles and 50 miles (Day Two)      

— September: Bike Trek to Shakertown (American Lung Association)
Multiple route options: 30-35 miles (each of two days) or 69 miles (moderately hilly two days). 

— September: Ride to Conquer Cancer    

September: Fallen Leaves Blue Heron Bicycle Tour (Rocky Point, IN)
Multiple route options: 20, 40, 80 and 100 miles. 

September: Pedaling for Pets (Danville, IN) – Benefits Hendricks County Humane Society
Multiple route options: 10, 20, 40, 60 and 75-100 miles. 

October: Great Pumpkin Metric (Evansville, IN)
A metric century (62 miles) 

October: Harvest Homecoming (Starlight, IN)
Multiple route options of 5, 25, 45 and 65 miles. 

Other rides (no particular dates):

These are my “big big wish list” rides. I’ll be surprised if I’ll ever be in good enough physical shape to do them or be able to afford the trip, but I might as well dream, right?    

— Adventure Cycling Association tours:    

— Heart of the UGGR (Milford, OH)
Tetons-Yellowstone Loop (Jackson, WY)
Texas Hill Country tour (Adventure Cycling Association)
TransAm (Williamsburg, VA to Florence, OR)   

Bike Vermont Tours   

Various Kentucky Tours (Green River Century, Maple Syrup Ride, General Butler’s Assault, more.) 

Ride Across Indiana (RAIN)


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Day 287: Bike rides wish list « Cyclingproject365

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