Day 279: The wild goose chase to the Haunted Forest

9 10 2010

Once upon a time three adults and a 6-year-old decide to do Danger Run, a haunted Halloween game you play in your car by following detailed limericks which give clues for finding the Haunted Forest. As you solve each clue on sometimes dark, scary roads, (in sometimes unfamiliar parts of town), you get closer to your destination of the Haunted Forest. As described on their Web site, the object is to follow the clues exactly [easier said than done] as they were designed and accumulate the exact mileage of the course on your odometer. If you are one of the few patient drivers that can solve the clues perfectly, you can win huge prizes and a chance at $10,000. We realized we probably wouldn’t win the big prizes, but it was still a good time and worth checking out. Here’s a sample of the game. (Admission to play the game is $16 per person).

Three hours, many wrong turns, $64 and three grouchy adults later, we finally arrive at the first of two Haunted Forests. The kiddo, however, is still in a good mood despite spending the past three hours in cooped up in a car listening to each of us bicker about, “No, we should’ve turned left at that last stop sign.” Or “Yeah, this wasn’t the right way.”

Less than five minutes into a 45-minute wait in line to start the Haunted Forest at 9:30 on a chilly October night, the kiddo gets scared while still in line and doesn’t want to do the Haunted Forest. “Umm…what?!”  Hmmm….Well, let’s pile back in the car and head home. No sense in giving him nightmares.

So what did you do tonight?

Today’s food journal: I didn’t track my food today. I’ll start again tomorrow.

Life’s a journey. Enjoy the ride.

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One response

9 10 2010
Katie Hawbaker

Omg what a classic family adventure. Tonight I watched The Chapelle show for the first time on what I thought was one of a network’s “religious” stations.

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